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Plocs makes you more successful, relaxed and happier with the help of goal-oriented planning.
"Strong app - the value-add is clear immediately."
- Antonius

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With the Plocs app you get reminders for due dates and notifications when your friends make changes or comment.

Plocs in action

The following video shows how Plocs can be used to plan a vacation.

Using dependencies, it is easy to plan all steps necessary for preparing the vacation.


Plocs has all the features you need, and more.

Goal-oriented planning

Instead of doing things that you have "to do", why not start with a goal you want to achieve? Starting from your goal, create the steps you need to take in order to achieve your goal.
Start from your goal and plan backwards

See clearly what you can work on now

Plocs shows the tasks you can work on in the left-most column, just like a todo list.
All tasks you can work on are shown on the left side of the screen

Due dates and scheduled dates

Most tasks don't have a fixed due date but you still need to work on them some time. For this use case, Plocs has a "scheduled date". This is the date you are planning to revisit a task to either work on or reschedule it.
Set a due date and a separate date for follow-up.

Inferred due dates

Putting a priority or date on all of your tasks can be a chore. Plocs uses the structure of your projects to infer dates automatically.
Dates are automatically inferred from your goal

Postpone tasks

Our favorite feature! Postpone a task you don't want to work on with a single click. Why not do things as late as possible? Even a boring task can get exciting this way.
Postpone tasks with a single click

Share tasks with friends

Why not let your friends do something for you for a change?
The latest comments of a task are shown in your task list


We'll let you know immediately when your friends comment, create new tasks, or maybe even complete a task!
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